We offer named scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $5,000, and families or individuals are encouraged to participate. By offering a scholarship, you are helping to craft the next generation of T1D leaders. Our team can work with you to craft appropriate parameters — school, geography, major, interest — and then help to introduce you to the student who receives your scholarship. 100% of scholarship funds donated by individuals or partners are awarded to recipients, with Beyond Type 1 absorbing all operational costs associated with the program.

  • Bradley Gendron Scholarship
  • Dexcom Scholarships
  • The JDRF Advocacy Scholarship
  • The JDRF Medical/Research Scholarship
  • The JDRF Outreach Scholarship
  • The JDRF Rising Star Scholarship
  • Brzozowski Family Veterinary Scholarship
  • California Dreamin’ Scholarship
  • Lilly Diabetes Tomorrow’s Leaders Scholarships
  • Oldenburg Family Scholarship
  • Dallas-Plangetis Scholarships
  • Future Leaders Scholarships
  • Type 1 for 72 Years Scholarships
  • Henry Jensen Social Justice Scholarship
  • Still Waters 232 Foundation Scholarship
  • Type 1 Willpower Scholarships
Those interested in offering named scholarships are encouraged to email scholars@beyondtype1.org.