Donate Stock

By gifting securities, you are able to maximize the size of your charitable gifts, enjoy multiple tax benefits, and conserve cash you would have given.

Instructions for Donating Stock to Diabetes Scholars Foundation

Authorize your financial advisor to send the shares electronically to us as follows:

William Blair and Co.
222 West Adams
Chicago, IL 60606

DTC No.   0771
Account No. 156-96708
A/C Diabetes Scholars Foundation
Tax I.D. # 35-2243334

Broker Contact:  Lori Hansen
Phone:  312.364.8645 or 800.621.0867

Foundation Contact:  Mary Podjasek
Phone:  312.215-9861

Using Securities to Fund Your Gifts

Donations of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other securities that you have owned for more than one year are not only an easy way to make gifts, but also can provide you with welcome tax benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is the benefit to funding my gift using securities?
A.  While cash is a popular way to give, gifting non-cash assets such as stocks and bonds is an attractive alternative because of the favorable tax treatment it can bring. If you sell securities that have appreciated over time, you may owe a substantial capital gains tax if you sell them.  If you use those funds to make a charitable gift, you may completely avoid the capital gains tax and receive a federal income tax deduction for the full value of the securities.

Q.  What are the best securities to gift?
A.  Securities that have increased the most since you have owned them, allow for the maximum tax benefits.