The qualities of a good lawyer include the drive to succeed, a keen mind and the ability to be everywhere at once. Jack Terschluse embodies all of that and more. While studying at Washington University in St. Louis law school, Jack made the Dean’s List, earned the Honor Scholar Award and was involved in many extracurricular activities. That takes some serious multi-tasking, to which Jack is no stranger. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 11 years old, he has mastered managing his health, education and professional pursuits.

At diagnosis, Jack’s first reaction was fear – of the unknown, of life with a serious disease and of what this meant for his future. As a swimmer and a very active child, Jack and his family didn’t know what this meant for him. They quickly realized it would require organization, discipline and care. Jack and his family took to their new responsibilities well, quickly learning how to manage his condition while ensuring that he could live a full, active life.

Wanting to bring together the diabetes community and ensure that everyone felt as supported as he did managing his diabetes, in high school Jack started and led Penpals United, a non-profit that connects people with type 1 diabetes around the world. His excellent grades, his disciplined diabetes management, his work on the non-profit and his involvement in the type 1 diabetes community helped him stand out when he applied to the Diabetes Scholars Foundation for a college scholarship, and earned him the Lilly Diabetes Tomorrow’s Leaders scholarship. With the Diabetes Scholars Foundation’s financial support, Jack felt empowered to take on college and all that came with it. He has pursued his educational passions and extracurricular interests, while broadening his circle of friends and activities.

“I have always been passionate about supporting the global diabetes community and ensuring that those with diabetes can live their fullest lives,” Jack said. “For me, receiving the Tomorrow’s Leaders scholarship from the Diabetes Scholars Foundation was an affirmation of living my life well with diabetes, and a major financial relief. It helped me remain disciplined and be my own advocate, skills that are always beneficial.”

While an undergraduate at Washington University in St. Louis, Jack’s diabetes management did not waver, and he experienced college fully, just like his peers. He earned College Honors and Dean’s List many semesters and was accepted to the Political Science Honor Society. Jack was a teaching assistant and acted as an Associate Justice on the Student Union Constitutional Council. He was also an Executive Board member for his fraternity and the Catholic Student Union and was a reporter for Student Life, the school newspaper.

Jack’s undergraduate years helped prepare him to balance managing his diabetes with tough academic demands during law school. He served as a student representative on the Honor Council Investigative Community and was the staff editor of the Washington University Law Review. Jack also enjoys visiting the many great attractions in St. Louis. He balances life’s rigorous demands by spending time weightlifting, running and cycling.

As he pursues his career, Jack is prepared to handle any challenge that comes his way. After learning about many areas of law, Jack’s interest lies in the corporate arena. To expand his law knowledge, he served as a Summer Associate at Lewis Rice LLC in St. Louis, MO. With the help of the Diabetes Scholars Foundation, Jack knows that type 1 diabetes won’t stop him from fulfilling his goals and helping others do so, too.